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Saffron Cardamom Rice

You can’t have Indian food without basmati rice. So I’m sharing with you my favorite way to make rice. It’s so flavorful and aromatic. Better than any Indian take out version. Check it out:

You will need:

1 tsp Saffron 1.5 cups Basmati rice 3 cups Chicken broth 1 clove Garlic

1 Tbsp Butter or Ghee 4 Cardamom pods

Simply bring a pot of the chicken broth, saffron, garlic clove and cardamom pods to a boil and once boiling, add the basmati rice stir once, then cover with the lid and lower the heat to simmer on low. 15- 20 minutes and then lift the lid and give it a fluff with a fork and cover again with the heat off for another 1-2 minutes. Then reveal the most perfect fluffy yellow rice you ever did see! Serve with your curry and naan bread and enjoy every bite.


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