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Bucatini Al Limone

When life gives you lemons, make Pasta Al limone 🍋🍋🍋

This pasta might sound heavy but the zesty lemon cuts through that heavy cream and makes it bright and absolutely gorgeous.

Definitely not suitable for lactose intolerant people like me, but I enjoyed one very large naughty bite. It’s the most amazing week night dinner for your family that comes together in 15 minutes with only 6 ingredients. You could even add some sliced chicken on top or broccoli on the side for the kiddos.

I posted this on my story last month and got so many recipe requests, I had to make a reel for it. Everyone’s had a lemon pasta but this is my version. And it’s truly to die for. 💛

You will need:

1 1lb packet bucatini (or pasta of choice)

2 organic lemons (use the zest and juice of both, 2 shavings of zest to julienne finely and serve on top)

2 cloves garlic, crushed

1.5 cups heavy cream

1 tbsp butter

1 cup freshly grated aged Parmesan cheese


And 3/4 cup saved pasta water

Boil your choice of pasta in salted water until Al dente. About 2-3 minutes less than what the box says. I personally prefer bucatini as it has the little whole in the middle and it’s nice and thick so it really holds up to this rich sauce.

Add your butter in to the pan a melt over a medium heat.

Add in your garlic and lemon zest.

Then your heavy cream and lemon juice.

Season with maldon sea salt and black pepper.

Simmer over a medium heat until the sauce bubbles. Then turn it down to low and keep it warm while your pasta finishes to boil.

Once Al dente, add in your pasta directly in to the sauce from the pasta water and reserve 3/4 cup of pasta water.

Add that in over the pasta and sauce along with your Parmesan.

Toss it all together and let the sauce thicken and the pasta finish cooking in the sauce while you toss it all over a medium heat.

Serve with extra black pepper and Parmesan plus your thinly julienne’d lemon peel. Enjoy!


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