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Miracle Broth

If you’re a cancer survivor like me, you’ve likely heard of or made Rebecca Katz’s infamous “miracle broth”. It’s a super healing, nourishing and just all round magical elixir that was a life line when I was going through chemo and is now something I make for clients who are also going through treatment.

But it’s not just incredible for cancer patients, it’s also amazing for new mother’s healing from childbirth or if you’re recovering from the sniffles.

I had to add my on twist of course, and added in some anti-inflammatory ingredients like fresh turmeric, ginger and superfoods like mushrooms and broccoli stems which are packed with the anti-cancer compound sulforaphane.

The kombu, (which is found in most grocery stores in the Asian section), adds in an umami flavor along with providing iodine, iron, calcium and other important minerals.

Send this recipe to someone who needs this:

1 organic yellow onion, quartered

1 bunch organic celery, cut in to chunks

2 large organic chunky carrots, cut in to chunks, skin on

1 organic leek, cut in to chunks

1 large or 4 small unpeeled red potatoes, quartered

1 organic Japanese sweet potato, quartered

1 bulb organic garlic, cut in half, skin on

1/2 bunch organic parsley, stalks and all

1 tbsp flakey sea salt

2 tsp black pepper corns

1 cup mushrooms of choice

1 piece of fresh turmeric

1 piece fresh ginger

Stalks from 1 crown broccoli

2 strips organic kombu (kelp)

8 quarts filtered water

I like to use a stock pot with the strainer inside to make life easier but you could also use a large Dutch oven le crueset pot and strain it separately.

Chop everything up and put it all in to the pot.

The longer you boil it, the more depth of flavor it has and the more nutrient dense it becomes. I leave it simmering away for at least 3 hours on my stove over a medium heat.

You can always add more water if the veggies start to poke out the top.

 Strain it and then keep it in glass jars in your fridge for the week or in your freezer for up to 6 months ready on hand for when you need a healing pick me up.

Make sure to put the leftover veggies that have been boiled in to your compost or green bin!


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