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Pomegranate & Red Wine Braised Short Ribs

This is such a comfort meal. Decadent and rich enough for a festive fun holiday gathering for friends but also cozy for a Sunday dinner with your special someone. I don't generally eat red meat but if I am going to have some I just make sure it's the best quality red meat possible with grass fed organic short ribs which you can easily get at wholefoods. If the cows are fed grass instead of GMO grain it's a million times better for you which is what I always say, if you're going to cheat, do it with good quality ingredients. And this recipe with the pomegranate makes it so perfect for this time of year. I love to serve them with some whipped creamy mashed potatoes, and some roasted veggies like my pomegranate molasses brussel sprouts. They literally melt in your mouth and are a client fave so you need to make them this Christmas!

3-4lbs (about 6) grassfed organic bone-in beef short ribs

1 yellow onion, finely diced

2 large carrots, diced

3 celery sticks, diced

1 head garlic, halved

1 handful fresh thyme

2 bay leaves

2 tbsp tomato paste

1/2 bottle red wine

1 pint pomegranate juice

Big guzzle of olive oil

1/2 stick butter

1/4 cup all purpose flour

2-2.5 cups beef broth

3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

Guzzle of olive oil


Fresh pomegranate seeds to serve

Preheat the oven to 350 F

Season your short ribs generously wkth short ribs and black pepper

In a large Dutch oven pot ( I love my le crueset), generously guzzle in some olive oil and 2 tbsp butter and heat it on the stove over a medium high heat until the butter is melted and sizzling

Add in the short ribs and sear until golden brown on each side with a beautiful crust. Make sure not to over crowd the pot as otherwise they won't brown.

Remove the short ribs from the pot and set aside.

Now it's time to cook the more poix. Add the onion, carrots and celery to the pot and reduce the heat to medium. Sauté until translucent and season with another sprinkling of salt and black pepper.

Then add in the tomato paste and stir. Cook for 1 minute to remove any bitterness from it.

Now add in the rest of the butter and once melted, add in the flour. Whisk to combine and melt the flour.

Now slowly start adding in the red wine, whisking as you go. It will thicken and the alcohol will burn off.

Now add in the pomegranate juice and beef broth along with the Worcestershire sauce and bring to a boil.

Add the short ribs back in to the pot along with the fresh thyme and bay leaves tied together with cooking string and the head of garlic cut in half horizontally.

Place the lid of the Dutch oven pot on and pop it in to the oven for 3 hours.

Once they are done they will be fork tender and beautiful.

Remove them from the pot in to a bowl and strain the juice through a sieve so it's smooth, rich and perfect.

Serve the short ribs over mashed potato or sweet potato mash with some roasted veggies on the side and some fresh pomegranate arils on top to make it look extra pretty!

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Made this over the weekend and it is SO delish! Paired with sautéed red carpet mustard greens (from my Dad’s garden) and some leftover sautéed green beans and roasted butternut squash. Will def be making this again and suggest you do, too ASAP! Great cold weather meal for a cozy night in!

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