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Salads to make this Summer

I’m a salad lover anytime of the year. It’s my go-to for lunches and even dinners! I’m totally obsessed with fresh, flavorful, seasonal ingredients.

Here are my top faves you need to make immediately!

2. Grilled hot honey peach, chicken, burrata salad over arugula with avocado & baby heirloom tomatoes with a basil vinaigrette I made with @lainiecooks_

3. My Asian style crunch salad from my website! Which I like to serve with a coconut crusted chicken

4. Grilled shrimp, mango and corn salad with avocado & a cilantro lime charred scallion dressing from my recent reel

5. My Mediterranean quinoa salad that is a classic on my website. Great alone or serve with chicken kebabs!

6. Thai quinoa salad, so flavorful and perfect to meal prep ahead for the fridge!

7. Chicken, roasted butternut squash, beet, goats cheese & avocado salad with a balsamic vinaigrette over mixed greens.

8. My Greek salmon salad bowl with quinoa and tzatziki!


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