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Tuna Crudo with Citrus vinaigrette

Posting this recipe by popular demand! It’s a staple for any dinner party. Easy to throw together, looks beautiful and tastes delicious. All you need is a sharp knife as it‘s all about the slicing and of course, the best quality tuna. I like to use ahi, yellow tail or albacore (hamachi is also great).

I generally source the fish at the farmers market on a Sunday morning in LA as part of my weekly shop for the best seasonal produce and of course my favorite hummus. I feel so inspired looking over the fish counter to spy what looks good this week and create a beautiful recipe off it.

This week I made a beautiful rustic California style, farm to table seasonal dinner party for clients and this was on the menu to start. No cooking necessary which is even better because it comes together in no time and is a crowd pleaser.

Crudo means “raw” in Italian. Crudo can be used for anything such as, vegetables like thinly sliced tomatos or of course fish and raw beef as well. The difference between crudo and sashimi, is that crudo is made with olive oil and usually capers with a lemon vinaigrette with maybe a dash of truffle oil and Calabrian chili oil for a mild kick.

So here is the recipe bellow:

1 lb wild caught ahi tuna (or yellow tail or albacore - just make sure it is sushi grade)

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

Zest of half a lemon and half an orange

Juice of 1 lemon

Juice of 1 small orange

2 tablespoons caper juice

1-2 tablespoons capers

1 tsp Calabrian chili oil (optional)


First, it’s time to make your vinaigrette.

In a small bowl, whisk together olive oil, orange juice, lemon juice, lemon and orange zest, caper juice, capers and salt and pepper.

Set aside or place in the fridge until you are about to be ready to plate it all. If you pour the citrus over the fish too soon it will cook the fish.

Slice your sushi grade tuna with a sharp knife, as thin as you can but not too thin. I like to aim for 1/4 inch thick. Place gently layered over each piece on a tray or serving platter.

Now it’s time to serve your crudo! Pour over the the dressing once you’re plating. Then I would highly suggest drizzling over a few drops of Calabrian chili oil here and there along with a dusting of micro greens and some edible flowers to make it look pretty.

Another option is to add a dash of truffle oil for another level of decadence!

Enjoy with friends!


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