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Vegan Avocado Vinaigrette

I wanted to share with you a new recipe I did yesterday on the fly when I needed to make a dressing and didn’t have anything in the fridge other than avocado and limes and it came out so delicious, completely vegan and scrumptious on top of a kale salad!

You will need:

2 Avocados

Juice of one lime

1 clove garlic

Handful of cilantro


1 cup olive oil, added slowly while blending

This is such an easy dressing, all I did was throw everything in to the food processor (or you can totally use a vitamix or Ninja). Blend away and start adding in the olive oil slowly at the top of the food processor while it’s running until you get the right consistency. I used about a cup I would say. Taste test it for salt and pepper and add accordingly. Now pop it in the fridge to cool and then toss it in with your yummy salad. I did a simple kale salad on the side of my chimichurri steak.



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