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About Chloë

British Private Chef in Los Angeles

Welcome to my website where I post my recipe creations I have developed over many years.


I'm a British celebrity private chef working in the Los Angeles area.


By night, I cater small events and private dinner parties. And by day, I cook delicious meals in your homes.


At the weekend I recipe test in my kitchen, sample LA's best restaurants, and source ingredients at local farmer's markets while spending time with my husband and our dog, Paddington.


I create and follow many different diet plans as well as prioritizing organic, farm-to-table, family-style food that is full of flavor from all over the world, and bring it into your living room.

I am currently going through treatment for my recent breast cancer diagnosis and documenting my journey along the way. 

Marble Surface

"A cup of tea solves everything"

Latest Recipes

Marble Surface
Marble Surface

About Me

I'm a British actress, private chef and food blogger in Los Angeles, who was born in London and raised in the idyllic English countryside...


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